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The what and why on LMS

LMS(Learning Management System) is a software application to operate and manage the process of teaching and learning such as content delivery and development, assessment, tracking, grading, reporting, etc. In order to support educational environment with efficiency and maximize educational impacts, the installation of LMS was not an option but a necessity for UNIST. This is why UNIST have become the first in Korea to select the Blackboard system for LMS and make it integrated into all school curriculum.

Yes, Blackboard has been installed, but for what purpose?

As a platform for student learning, Blackboard enables seamless and efficient way to deliver and share learning contents apart from tracking and monitoring of student work. This frees professors from time-consuming, repetitive jobs such as grading, file uploading, and attendance checking so as to spare time for education and research. However, the fundamental reason for UNIST to adopt Blackboard lies in improving the quality of education for students. For example, if professors upload course materials or quiz problems before class, students can preview the learning contents and make their learning substantial through quiz activities. Therefore, professors can precisely assess student understanding before they come to class so as to create a learning atmosphere to be more discussion-oriented where student pre-knowledge can trigger their active participation. Not only does the Blackboard system contribute to the delivery of lectures in UNIST, which is 100% purely conducted in English, but also maximizes the full potential of blended learning. In other words, the strategic use of Information Technology with Blackboard will facilitate active and creative learning of students where they can flexibly choose their learning style according to their preference. Eventually, this requires UNIST to modify the previous way of teaching and learning through the project called, 'Course Redesign', to achieve the successful realization of e-Education.

Course Redesign, is it necessary?

UNIST has adopted e-Education to improve the quality of education and make an efficient use of educational cost and resources. Accordingly, UNIST has been establishing the infrastructure for e-Education and applied educational philosophies to all university curriculum from the beginning. However, learning platform is nothing without proper pedagogy to address various learning needs and that is why UNIST has redesigned some courses of general studies to be implemented with LMS. The essential of 'Course Redesign' is, therefore, in searching and planning for a new pedagogy with the strategic use of IT, encouraging student participation in class activities. Of course, the project of 'Course Redesign never ends for the quality of education to be continuously improved.

UNIST's vision for e-Education

UNIST has been providing the student-centered, quality of educational environment through e-Education. In addition, UNIST e-Education is to set up the mood for creative learning with continuos research and development so as to suggest a new paradigm for those in all sorts of educational fields. The scope of e-Education varies from actual curriculum to other educational materials, securing high chances for reuse, sharing and distribution. As a main body of e-Education among other global top-leading universities, UNIST expects to see more realization of e-Education applied to different regions or other associated educational institutions.