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About Blackboard Certificate Course

We are currently running online Blackboard Certificate Course in order to help Teaching Assistants or Assistant Instructors develop competency of using LMS(Blackboard) with the goal of e-education. Throughout this course, you will learn the basic features and functions of Blackboard to successfully manage the course.
  • Who Should Attend
  • 1) Required: all TA and AI
  • 2) Elective: Staff (A maximum of five hours counted)
  • How To Attend
  • 1) Offline: I time (1 hour) - OT, Blackboard Overview
  • 2) Online: 4 times (1 hour/day)
  • 3) Exams for Certification (Offline) - TBA


Course is 14 days in length after registration


Classifications Process Remarks
Application Mandatory for TA/AI,Optional for all staff All TA and AI will be automatically registered.
Staff needs to apply trough email with 
Training Training and Evaluation Assessment for learning activities
Administration Certification Certificates issued A maximum of five hours counted as staff training


김형준(Hyoung-Joon Kim): (T. 217-4103)


Please register through phone, email, or Your-CTL of CTL homepage (Click "Certificate Application")